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Saturday, September 13th, 2008
12:05 am
Caity, along with her Cheshire, are back from hiatus! I'm all settled into my new place, and into college life, so things are running pretty smoothly. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up a pretty standard schedule for replies/posts, but we'll have to see!

It's good to be back!

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, August 26th, 2008
12:49 pm
Hey guys, it's Caity, aka Cheshire. Just posting a note that I'm leaving for college today, so I'll prolly won't be around too much for the rest of this week, and possibly next week.

I apologize to our lovely Elzibeth, whom Christian was in a thread with. I'll reply today before I leave, but after that, I'm not sure when I'll be able to post next.

Wish me luck!

- Caity

Current Mood: nervous
Thursday, July 17th, 2008
12:11 pm
Welcome back!
Hey there everyone! Or well, those of you who are returning. I'd just thought I'd go ahead and make a post before sending out another email I have a feeling Yahoo might not have sent it to all of you ;;;

Anyways, it's all coming back together slowly! I've got two people lined up for new characters, and we have a few familiar faces returning *A* I need to see what's going on with our Alice, and see if she wants to return or not. But so far I've heard back from:

March Hare
Cheshire Cat
the Tweedle Twins
White Knight
and a girl who apped for the White Rabbit just after we closed down~

We'll be getting a new Red Queen (since our original never posted)(one of the two new applicants). If you think you know anyone who might be interested, show them the way! I want to start soon, so let's all get back into the groove of things! I'll be doing more posting later this week with some more details on how we're going to be starting up again and what not~

Current Mood: excited
Saturday, May 26th, 2007
10:02 am
Mod Update~
Hey everyone! I'm sorry that i haven't been active recently =_= School has been a little hectic and I've just been totally unmotivated to do anything... (but now that I actually have work that I should be doing, I want to do other things 8DD;;;)

In case you haven't seen, we have our Red Queen, a White Rabbit (who still needs to register her journals and request membership), a Jabberwocky (who needs to do the same), as well as our dear little Dormouse Returning~!

Now that our cast is filling up, I think we'll be able to start stepping into Wonderland. Just a few notes though: When the RL character falls asleep is when they can enter Wonderland. While there, your character really has no recollection of being anywhere else asides from Wonderland (Ie; Zakariah falls asleep, the Mad Hatter 'regains consciousness', but he has no idea that he was/is 'Zakariah' in an asylum. He just has a blank memory for the time when he can last recall something until that moment.) Upon waking, your character in RL will have an odd feeling, like you had just woken up from a dream you can't remember. However, Alice and Dinah are totally conscious of the cross-over.

This process will last for a little while longer; after some time, the memories will start crossing over. And then we'll get on our way with helping Alice/Alice helping them, make sense?

As a side note, Kea--our beloved Jezebel--is out of town until June 6th, so she is unavailable for any RP threads.

User info, application posts, and so on will be updated on Monday (under the hope that I get the Jabberwocky and the White Rabbit's journal names)

Until next time, salainte~

-- Moderator//Mad Hatter
Wednesday, May 9th, 2007
11:23 pm
HEY EVERYONE. Sorry I haven't been around. I will try my best to promote this weekend!

And people, if you start a thread, please actually finish it. Don't leave half-finished threads just lyin around pell-mell because you get too lazy to finish them. That's a NO-NO.
Sunday, May 6th, 2007
7:43 pm
Mod Notice!
Hello everyone! I thought I would send out a mod notice to everyone. But you all know you should be watching the OOC journal and RP journal with your mun journals, right? So you can see messages like these without me having to do more work~~

At any rate, I meant to tell you all this sooner but I never got the chance: I don't want most of you finding 'Wonderland' until we start filling up our cast a little more. Dinah and Alice can feel free to wander through it (mainly because Alice half-thinks she's still in Wonderland most of the time). Your character can have flashes or minor fits of their other personality coming through, but until I get a few more characters we're not going to RP in Wonderland just yet. I don't want to move the story along too fast before our cast is filled up.

Additionally, if you make a post in your character's personal journal, just remember that it is a journal post. As in technically no RPing takes place (although other characters may respond, it's not a part of the main RP plot.) If you feel it's taking on the feel of a role play session, please combine it into one post and add it to the MAIN RP COMMUNITY. Please also note that I made a format for which you are to post at the beginning of your thread. This includes the name of the characters participating, a general rating, and if it is active or not. If you can remember, add tags to your RPs; if not, I will add that later. But I can't add the three notes.

Remember to spread the word, and I will be posting to promiting communities throughout the week when I get the chance.
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